Payment System (PaySys)

Frequently Asked Questions
for Bank User

Q: Why do I see Digital Certificate Security Error?
This error occurs when your PC doesn’t have Digital Certificate installed; it is required by the e-Portal server at the time of any Transaction.

Q: “Activation Error”, I am unable to Activate my Direct Debit Account.
Make sure you have a valid 15 digits activation code, there might be some missing information in your profile. Click the Registration  e-Enrollment  Profile Management. Enter the all mandatory information, do not enter “+” in Phone Numbers fields.

Q: Can I create a Payment on taxpayer’s behalf?
Yes, you can create a payment for any taxpayer came to your counter. The portal allows you to enter Taxpayer’s particulars and amount details then you can generate New PSID on his behalf.

Q: I have forgotten the PSID, how can I recover it?
There is a provision of search for any PSID, Click on e-Payment Menu  Direct Taxes /Sales Tax & Federal Excise  Payment Advance Search option and Click the relevant payment option. You can find any PSID through its No, Amount, or Date Created.

Q: How can I change my password?
You are provided with an option for changing your password, see Menu bar on e-Portal.

Q: Where can I re-print a CPR?
When you search a PSID, you can view its details by opening that PSID. If the PSID has been received and confirmed, you can also take a print of CPR as well.

Q: How can I delete a PSID?
You can delete your PSID until it has been received by the Bank. Goto Advance Search Enter PSID  Click View  Click on Delete Button.

Q: How do I find information about Taxpayer?
There is a provision of Taxpayer’s profile search on, navigate to “Information & Service” and enter criteria for relevant option to view taxpayer’s details.

Q: How do I search any PSID status?
The e-Portal allows you to find PSIDs in your Pending / Received / Confirmed Transactions Pages. Navigate to relevant page and find the PSID.

Q: Does the e-Portal use cookies or JavaScript?
E-Portal uses Java scripts so the computer you are operating must have enabled this in its browser.

Q: What should I do in case there is an issue that is not covered in this FAQ?
You can contact to the Call Center on PRAL’s Help Line (051-111-772-772).